Getting Ready for Preschool (Part 1)

El Padre and I were planning on homeschooling our little guy all throughout his preschool years. Now that he had just turned 4, we thought of enrolling him in a music or an art class for socialization purposes. I have always wanted to send Matty, our son, to a Gymboree class since his big sister had attended a similar class back when she was a toddler.

And so off we went to Gymboree in Greenfield, Sta. Rosa to send him to a preview class. Luckily, we were just in time for a Sports class when we arrived. One parent was allowed to join Matty for the duration of the session since it was his first time to the gym. Both parent and child needed to wear socks before they can enter the play area. We shelled out 500 bucks for the trial session and I think the experience was well worth the price.

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Apart from Sunday school, Matty had not really been in any other controlled environment. We were quite surprised and very pleased to see him participating during circle time and interactive games. The activities were age-appropriate and most of the kids were receptive to the teacher’s instructions. The class lasted an hour and the activities included circle time, warm-up exercises, running thru cones, blowing bubbles and parachute time. We loved how the teacher was very accommodating, always making sure that our little one didn’t feel left out. IMO, the only caveat was that the play area looked a bit too cramped.

Gymboree Sta. Rosa offers classes such as Music, Art, Sports and School Skills. Each class lasts an hour and is scheduled once a week. You may enroll your kids in a class or to all 4 classes for a minimum of 4 weeks (4 sessions) up to 48 weeks. The fees are around 800 pesos per class per week.

We were almost ready to pay for 3 classes right after the class was done, however, they didn’t allow debit card payment and we didn’t have enough cash with us. So we went out to have lunch at the nearby Blue Corner in Paseo (their lechon kawali is superb!), and to look for an ATM to get the much-needed cash.

After lunch was done, el Padre asked, “Do we really have to enroll him today? Can’t we check out other schools first before we commit to them?” So I figured, okay, we’ll have to come back then and see what others have to offer as well.

Points to ponder upon during our drive back home:

  1. Is it worth it to spend a lot on a class with just 3 sessions per week?
  2. Would it be better to just let the kiddo enroll to a real preschool and have him start Kindergarten this coming school year?

Hoping to get more answers as we source for other options.