To Homeschool or Go Mainstream

I have been researching about the pros and cons of homeschooling for as long as I can remember. I’ve also spoken with people who have been homeschooled to get firsthand information on the subject. There are hundreds of resources available online, you will be able to find everything that you need.

There are several reasons why we wanted to homeschool the little boy. Here are some of them:

  1. Financial reasons. As sending kids to mainstream schools cost a fortune nowadays, I can just look for a free curriculum online and then teach the kiddo everything.
  2. Lack of progressive schools in our area. Most of the schools in our vicinity offer the traditional teaching method. We wanted Matty to learn new things at his own pace and through exploration.
  3. Fear of social pressure. We’ve heard a lot of stories about kids getting bullied even at a very young age. As parents, we wanted to spare Matty from the trauma.

Wouldn’t it be more exciting to bring your kids to a farm or to the zoo on any given school day and just let them roam freely and explore things on their own? I also like the idea of giving the kid freedom to choose any activity or lesson that he pleases.

There may be parents doubting the effectivity of homeschooling. I think it’s wise to read up first before giving into the myths surrounding the method. Homeschooling your kids does not mean reading ABCs in bed or watching videos all day. There is some form of structure to it that every teacher mom must adhere to.

On the other hand, after visiting Gymboree, I’ve seen how Matty enjoyed the company of other kids and the way he beamed every time the teacher mentioned his name. Would it be more fitting if he just attended preschool like any other kid? El Padre was right, we’ll have to check out other schools first before finally deciding on whether we’ll continue with homeschooling or send him to a mainstream one.

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