Tali Beach

Summer is definitely here! The temperature has started to rise, it’s time to head to our favorite summer destinations.

One of the go-to places that my family enjoys is Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is just around 2-hour drive from Sta. Rosa.

Tali Beach is an exclusive gated community filled with beautiful vacation homes. You have to make sure that you have booked yourselves an accommodation before heading to the place lest the security guards stop you from entering the village gates. Once you are booked, the renter would usually send you an email addressed to the guards granting permission for you to enter the village.

our rented vacation house

If you are on a budget, consider renting homes that are not by the beachfront. Usually, the rate is P1,000 per pax for 15 pax for such rentals. I would recommend renting a place with a pool since the beach in this part of Batangas is not ideal for hanging out. I’ll tell you more about that later.

16903393_1427885207230814_365393590606220488_o (1)
relaxing view of the poolside

The long drive to Nasugbu is indeed very relaxing. One of the perks of traveling to Tali is that you have to pass by Tagaytay. It’s always a bonus to get a view of the Taal volcano and to be able to get fresh produce from the Mahogany market. On top of it all, the road leading to Tali is so smooth and even, it’s every driver’s heaven. Be wary of the traffic from Sta. Rosa to Tagaytay on weekends and holidays, though. Things could then easily turn into a nightmare. Another piece of advice, make sure that you have everything that you need before you reach your destination as there is no supermarket or 711 nearby.

Tali beach is best known for its cliff jumping spots. The very first time that we’ve been there, we were surprised to see that there was no one to give us tips on how and where to jump, if the water was safe for jumping, etc. We were on our own. That adds to the thrill, I guess.

the crazy bunch surveying the diving spots

The best time to jump, based on research, is before lunch time. The sea is calm and the view is just breathtaking. The very first time we tried it, my brothers and I jumped from a cliff that was only 8 ft high. We felt so accomplished and proud. We found it really funny later on when we saw our videos. It was such a shallow drop, even little kids can jump from that height.

When we came back, we tried jumping from the 25-ft cliff. The experience was extremely terrifying. I remember surrendering my life to God before finally jumping into the sea. After the jump, it took maybe 2-3 seconds before my feet touched the water. It felt like forever but OMG! Once you hit the water, the feeling was just awesome.

There are several beaches that you can visit. We particularly liked the main beach because the shoreline was longer. We also didn’t have to walk all the way down to the shore. The beach is full of rocks, better wear your swim shoes. It is not ideal for sunbathing or for building sand castles. The shore is too narrow for doing anything else other than a quick rest from swimming or smashing the waves.

Tali beach is a relaxing and fun destination, perfect for an overnight getaway with family and friends. We will never get tired of visiting this awesome place!


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