Selling Stuff Online

I love browsing through local Instagram shops and have even purchased several hard to find items through the app. Luckily, I have not experienced getting scammed. As I am a regular shopper, I wondered how much money those online shops earned and how promising the stint was. So I thought of launching an online shop myself to see if I’ve got what it takes to be the next highest-grossing online retailer.

Since it is summertime, I decided to sell swimsuits. You would find hundreds of summer apparel vendors on Instagram but what would separate me from the rest, is that my goods would cost so much cheaper. I can already imagine the customers flocking to my account and buying everything posted on the page. But by golly, it is not as easy as I thought it was!

I have searched for a supplier online and found one that sells the swimsuits at more than 50% off the market price. I couldn’t believe how cheap the swimsuits were from the wholesaler. I can only imagine how much the retailers must be earning as most of them are selling the goods for more than double the (wholesale) price.

taking individual photos and posting online takes a lot of work!

This is what I am talking about…I have created the Instagram account on the 5th of March. Since then I have uploaded 36 photos. So far, I have gained 28 followers. LOL! What would it take for me to get more followers? I really have to up my marketing skills.


Well, it’s not really as bad as it looks. I actually made this into some sort of an experiment. Not wanting to brag, I am also managing another account with more than a thousand followers in it -I will be discussing this in a future post. What I wanted to see was, how “viral” would my account be if I relied on family and friends to help with the promotion.

It may be too early to tell as it has not yet been fully a month since the shop was introduced. But I’m starting to get a bit disappointed with the results of the “experiment”. Would you help me in obtaining more followers?

Please support my online shop by following on Instagram  ( #wearereadyforsummer!


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I love to read, write, listen to music, do artsy stuff, bake and cook. I guess I am an epitome of a stay-at-home-mom. I have tried blogging more than 10 years ago, I don't even remember the link to my blog anymore. Let's blame that on anesthesia :) Hoping you would enjoy the stories that I'll be sharing with you.

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