2nd Birthday Fun at the Farm

Our family enjoys visiting farms, zoos and other open places where the little boy can run around freely. We love the view of grass, trees, the sky and bodies of water. I don’t particularly enjoy being near animals. However, my maternal instinct tells me that bringing my kids to petting zoos would be beneficial to them. I would have to read up on some psychology stuff about that.

So when Matty turned 2, we decided to hold an intimate birthday celebration at the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena. The place was just perfect for the theme that we picked. Since Matty enjoyed doing different animal sounds at the time, and we wanted to add a classic touch to the theme, we chose to do a Farmer Mickey birthday bash.


Every detail of the event was DIY except for the cake, which I ordered thru Instagram. I hand sewn the table cloth, baked the cupcakes, handmade the loot bags, individually packed the sandwiches and the brunch, did artsy stuff with the utensils, created the banners, etc. Talk about Pinterest expectations vs. reality. Ha ha!


You can choose to stay at the farm either in the morning or afternoon. We chose morning thinking it would be way cooler to start the party at 8 a.m.  So we brought ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast and packed longsilog for lunch. We made sure to bring lots of chilled drinks to help ease the heat. I am telling you, you can never bring too many cold drinks at this place!


The fun farm did live up to its name as the guests enjoyed their stay. Activities included boat riding, zip line, horseback riding, fishing, row boating, and carabao pulled-cart riding. They have a petting zoo, a huge sandbox and lots of picnic areas.


Please note that it is imperative to call the farm before making any plans to get there. They sometimes don’t allow walk-ins as they can only accommodate a certain number of people at a time. Entrance to the farm costs P300 per pax. We went there by car and took the Cabuyao Exit. The farm should be less than 10 minutes from the exit. You may ask the toll gate cashiers for instructions on how to get there.

I would highly recommend this place if you are looking at spending a laid back trip with your little ones this summer. Visit the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena website for more information.


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