Giving Back – Ang Bahay Parola Children’s Center

Yesterday, I was blessed to have been part of a giving back project spearheaded by my dear friend, Em Yambao-Dalisay. In celebration of her hubby’s birthday, she has decided to invite 22 children from the Bahay Parola Children’s Center for lunch at Jollibee Sta. Rosa.

Ang Bahay Parola in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is an all-girls children’s center that aims to provide shelter to street children. It is part of Mission to the World-Philippines, a non-profit organization affiliated with Mission to the World Church in Georgia, USA.


I’ve spoken with one of the guardians to learn more about their mission and to get an insight on what they do for these children. I must say, I’m very impressed with their program and with the goals they aim to achieve for the kids under their care.

The center only admits girls from 7 to 18 years of age. They work with DSWD in securing permits for them to be the legal guardians of the children. Some of the kids have been turned over to them due to their family’s dire situation. Some belonged to families with 8 – 10 kids and their parents just couldn’t afford to feed them anymore. Some of them have been completely abandoned by their parents. These then are the kids for adoption.  Boys who need help are sent to Ang Bahay Parola in Bacoor, Cavite.

All of the girls go to school. They have sponsors from all over the world to help support their education, food, clothing, and shelter. When the kids turn 18, they move in with a family who can continue to support them until they finish their studies. The center only acts as legal guardians of the kids. All the children are still able to visit their parents and siblings once in a while.

The kids do devotional activities in the mornings, gospel sharing twice a week and Sunday service. No wonder all the girls who attended the party were well-behaved. I was so impressed because they were all clean and looked presentable. No one was loud or was acting out. They must be well-loved and taken care of at the center to show such composure in public. The girls are quite smart too. When asked to come up with a group name during the customary parlor games, one team chose “Gandang Level-up.” How witty is that?




Thanks, heaps to Em-em and Gilbert for sharing their special day with us. I do hope to see the kids of Bahay Parola once again and get to know them better.

To know more about Mission to the World – Ang Bahay Parola Center, please visit their Facebook page.


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